Friday, April 15, 2011

Celtic music & knitting in Calgary

For anyone who is interested in Celtic music, I've received an announcement that ticket purchase is now open for the Hebridean Celtic Festival. You can learn more of the events at the following sites:

As I've said before, members of our 2011 Scottish Skeins tour are fortunate to be in the Hebrides at that time this July, and some have already bought their event tickets.

A friend in Canmore (thanks Frances) sent me news of the very active knitting scene in Calgary. Here is an article from the Calgary Herald:

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Lise said...

Oh my - now to decide what I might want to see/hear at the festival! In terms of the activities you have planned, can you recommend what night would be better to spend at the festival? Are there 'tour activities' planned on any of the night of the festival? thanks for the heads up.