Monday, May 24, 2010

I've been knitting

This was a good project while I was travelling.
I'd purchased the pattern from Marilyn King of Black Water Abbey Yarns, The design is by 'Two Old Bags' and is called 'Garden Party Shawl'. There were two options for the edging--one a picot and the other, which I used, a ruffle. I made some changes: shortened the project so it was not a whole shawl but rather a neckerchief, and added extra stitches and another row to the lower ruffle to make it fuller.
The yarn was from Lucy Neatby's Celestial Merino line, in two colours: Blue Vesuvius and Royal Blue. I found the yarn excellent to knit with--it neither split nor broke, especially as it was under great strain when I was doing the ruffles.
Since this was a shorter project, I had yarn left over. I'm using it in a pattern called 'A Patchwork Blanket', designed to use up the many bits and pieces of yarn remaining from other knitting projects. I have accumulated lots of that!

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