Friday, March 12, 2010

A Shetland scarf pattern

I receive a newsletter from Yarns International and the one that arrived this week included a pattern called 'Shetland Ombre Scarf'. It is free to download at their site:

The yarn used in the pattern is a mixture of Shetland yarns in natural colours: moorit, yuglet, sholmit and katmollet. (I had to do some searching to learn the precise meaning of these terms!) The scarf is knit with two strands throughout and although we probably won't need the warmth of a scarf for awhile, I think it looks like a nice project to try.

I've been aware of the company Yarns International for a number of years, ever since Oliver Henry ("the wool man") at Jamieson & Smith first spoke to my groups about the Shetland 2000 yarns. He stressed the commitment of Yarns International in supporting the traditional, unique Shetland breeds. This has been against a persistent onslaught of the promotion of breeds with a white coat, as this takes the dyes. I understand the Shetland 2000 line of natural yarns has now been extended to a new name: Shetland Supreme Naturals.

I'm certain that anyone who has visited Shetland, comes away with an understanding of the importance of supporting not only the traditional Shetland breeds, but also the dedication of the Shetland Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Knitters--in fact the traditions which make these islands such a special place.

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Judy said...

Nice pattern for all that Shetland I have in stock! I also printed out the shawl. Thanks for sharing.