Sunday, February 14, 2010

News from Shetland and Madrona

I'm in Tacoma, attempting to be productive until my flight leaves. When I checked my email, I had a newsletter waiting from Shetland, and thought everyone who's visited this special part of the world would be interested to get this news too: and

I've enjoyed my visit to the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat and this morning took a bead knitting workshop. The teacher had us make a sampler showing different methods of using beads, which will be good to keep for reference. My time at Madrona has been enjoyable: a mixture of visiting with old and new friends, admiring the numerous beautifully knitted creations worn by the attendees, and just sitting knitting. I managed to control myself in the market place and did very little shopping.

I'm glad I brought my computer with me on this trip, as I've emailed Garth (my website guy) the remainder of the details for the two tours later this year. Please let me know if any of you have questions about either tour. The information is on my website:

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