Saturday, January 16, 2010

A worthy project

This week I received the January newsletter from talented fibre artist, Anna Hergert, who I've profiled in an earlier blog. Have a look at her website:, and click her blog to find the 06 January entry. Be sure to go to the end of that blog and click on 'Read More' to learn about a non-profit organization called KIVA, which is organized to help women in Third World countries who are "willing to help themselves". Once these women receive donations, which are actually loans, they have a specified time to repay the amount.

Anna has also started a lending group towards this end. Hers is directed towards textile artists and she has called it "Textile Artists for Global Change". She has photos of two women, one in Nigeria and the other in Ghana.

Once you've read about the details, you may wish to make a contribution to support this worthy endeavour.

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