Monday, November 23, 2009

Errors and an Omission

Thanks to Margaree for setting me straight on my latest post, where I erroneously indicated that Baddeck was the capital of Cape Breton. In fact, there is no capital on Cape Breton but rather four counties. In addition, Margaree rightfully pointed out my lack of knowledge leading up to the expulsion of the Acadians--whereby they rejected British laws and would not swear allegiance to the British king. I promise to make up for my weakness in Nova Scotia history.

My omission was neglecting to talk about our visit to Lucy Neatby's home and studio while we were in Halifax. This was another highlight for our group and was accompanied by much anticipation and excitement to be visiting the home of such a respected, innovative and amenable professional. I know this is getting to be hackneyed, but it is still true that our group left with smiles and arms full of yarn and patterns that they just couldn't live without!

I was especially happy to meet her assistant Dawn as we had spoken a number of times by phone. I told Dawn she could be an inspirational speaker--she even had me thinking I could/should plan a tour to Botswana and tie it in with the books by Alexander McCall Smith. (Maybe I should try to contact him the next time I'm in Edinburgh!)

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