Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alice Starmore Elephant Vest

This is a photo of one of my grandsons. He seemed to be pleased to be the recipient of the Elephant Vest, which in turn made me very happy. I hope he has a few more months to wear it before it will be too small.

I've learned some important lessons from this project. The first was never to start a garment and then to put it away for close to three years, without even noting the size I was making and where I'd left off. It took me quite awhile to retrace my steps. The jumper-weight yarn was from Jamieson & Smith on Shetland, in the colours specified in the pattern.

The pattern is from Alice Starmore's book, The Children's Collection, which she produced in collaboration with her daughter Jade. I've knit a number of Alice's designs and found them all to be very enjoyable to knit--although frequently challenging--but without any errors in the directions.