Friday, March 28, 2008

Two important announcements:

Update for those who have been planning to join the Scottish Skeins & Skerries Tour this July. As of today, there are two places left. Once these are gone, I can try requesting more air seats from Loganair, but cannot guarantee they will be available. We are travelling during high season when air space and hotel rooms are at a premium, plus the aircraft on these routes are relatively small and have limited capacity. If you want to join us, I urge you to contact me immediately at: or by phone at: 613-695-0889.

Shetland Textile Working Museum: Due to the generosity of Madrona attendees and the organizers of the overall event, the amount raised to contribute to this worthy project was $1322.14 USD. It will be forwarded to the bank account of that name on Shetland.

Should you wish to contribute and were unable to attend Madrona, we are working on another way to support the project.

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